Optometrists and Eye Health

Everyone knows an optometrist accepts your vision insurance. (For a list of vision and health insurances we accept, click here.) But most patients are surprised when we tell them we accept your health insurance too. A wide variety of conditions can affect the health of your eye, and having one of those conditions may […]

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New OptoMap Machine!

Optomap = No More Dilation!*

Optomap is technology that takes a picture of the inside of the eye that we use to help avoid dilation on many patients. 
Smaller. Smarter. Simpler… Our cutting edge Optomap retinal imaging technology is customized to fit your eye care needs. The next generation of Optos technology, Daytona has been scaled to […]

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Welcome to Ideal Eyecare’s New Blog!

We are launching our new blog here. Please come back and visit for more content, news and updates!

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