9 04, 2020

How To Fix Broken Glasses


These days everyone is taking on a little bit more of a Do-It-Yourself mentality. Especially with the seemingly little things in life. Now, your glasses might be small, but they are still an important part [...]

How To Fix Broken Glasses2020-04-09T09:31:12-05:00
9 03, 2020

What is Presbyopia?


Presbyopia is a gradual process that occurs in the lens of the eye that comes with age. Each year the protein layers in the lens of your eyes thickens by a miniscule amount. As you [...]

What is Presbyopia?2020-03-09T08:58:14-05:00
5 04, 2019

What Is Thyroid Eye Disease?


There are many different structures within and around the eye. Each plays an important role in the clarity of your vision, as well as your ability to move your eyes comfortably. Thyroid eye disease, which [...]

What Is Thyroid Eye Disease?2019-03-05T09:59:03-06:00