Find the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

Mar 1, 2024 | Eyewear

Choosing the perfect pair of glasses isn’t just about seeing 20/20. It’s also about finding frames that complement your style and highlight your best features. With so many styles, colors, and shapes available, it can be overwhelming to find the best glasses for your face shape and personality. But don’t worry; we’re here to share tips for finding the right glasses for your face.  

Determining your face shape 

Determining your face shape is crucial for finding glasses that flatter your features. Faces come in all shapes and sizes, but they generally fall into six categories:  

  • Round Face: Soft curves, almost equal width and length, and wide cheekbones. 
  • Oval Face: Longer than it is wide, balanced features, and a softly rounded jawline. 
  • Square Face: Strong jawline, broad forehead, and relatively straight lines. 
  • Heart Face: Wide forehead and cheekbones with a narrow, pointed chin. 
  • Diamond Face: High, dramatic cheekbones, narrow eyeline and jawline, and angular contours. 
  • Oblong Face: Longer than it is wide with a long, straight cheek line. 

By looking in the mirror, you should be able to tell which shape category your face falls under. Once you have identified your face shape, it will be easier to find the perfect glasses for you.   

Choosing the right frames 

Selecting the right glasses is all about creating balance. Here are some guidelines for selecting frames that will complement your unique face shape: 

Round face 

Angular or geometric frames can add definition and a sense of structure to a round face. Look for square or rectangular styles with bold lines. Avoid circular or rimless glasses, as they can exaggerate the roundness of your face. 

Oval face 

If you have an oval face, you’re in luck! You can pull off almost any frame shape, so feel free to experiment with different styles. Just make sure the size of the frames is in proportion to the size of your face. 

Square face 

To soften the strong angles of a square face, opt for curvier frames that are narrower. Round, oval, or cat-eye shapes can be particularly flattering. Avoid wearing

 boxy or overly angular styles that mimic your face shape. 

Heart face 

Rectangle, oval, and aviator shapes will look great on you! Balance is key here. Avoid top-heavy frames that exaggerate your cheekbones. 

Diamond face 

Frames that highlight your brows, such as cat-eye or oval shapes, are perfect for diamond faces. Choose a frame that’s wider than your cheekbones but not wider than your temples. Avoid narrow frames, which can make your amazing cheekbones look too pronounced. 

Oblong face 

Wider frames with more depth, such as aviators or oversized styles, are great for breaking up the length of an oblong face. Decorative or contrasting temples can also add width to your face. Avoid wearing rectangular frames as they can elongate your face. 


By following these suggestions, you can significantly narrow down your eyewear options that work well with your face shape. If you’re looking for glasses in Omaha, Nebraska or Council Bluffs, Iowa, Ideal EyeCare is here to help! Whether you want to make a bold statement or stick to the classics, our collection of eyewear has something for everyone. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment and let us help you find your new favorite glasses!