What is Neurolens & How Does It Work?

Oct 1, 2023 | Eye Health Info

Do you experience headaches, neck pain, or eye strain after a long day of work? You’re not alone. In today’s digital world, where we spend most of our time looking at screens, these symptoms are common. Luckily, there’s a revolutionary technology called Neurolens that can help relieve these symptoms. 

In this blog, we will explore how Neurolens works and how it can help improve your vision and quality of life. 

What is Neurolens? 

Neurolens is a type of eyeglass lens specifically designed to treat binocular vision dysfunction (BVD). BVD is a condition where the eyes are misaligned and struggle to work together as a team, leading to headaches, neck pain, and double vision. This misalignment causes your eyes to work harder to focus, resulting in eye strain and fatigue.  

Neurolens contains a unique contoured prism that brings the eyes back into alignment, effectively relieving headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and other symptoms related to BVD. Eye misalignment causes muscle tension throughout the body. By correcting this misalignment, Neurolens reduces muscle tension and improves posture, leading to a better quality of life. People who have tried Neurolens have noticed significant improvements in their daily activities like working on the computer, driving, reading, and even playing sports! 

Neurolens measurement and your eye exam 

When you come in for an eye exam, our eye doctor will run some tests to see if your symptoms are caused by binocular vision dysfunction. If they are, they will use the Neurolens measurement device to determine the degree of the misalignment and the customized correction that your eyes need. Then, they’ll prescribe your Neurolens glasses.  

Who’s a good candidate for Neurolens?  

Neurolenses aren’t just for people who spend a lot of time on computers or using digital devices. This technology can help anyone who experiences headaches or eye strain, including children who spend a lot of time reading. They can also help people who need to concentrate on tasks that require attention to detail, like dentists, surgeons, and artists.  

Even people who don’t need prescription glasses or contact lenses to see clearly can benefit from Neurolenses. Even if you have perfect eyesight, you might still experience symptoms of digital eye strain due to the way you use screens. For example, most people tend to tilt their head forward when they use a computer, phone, or tablet, putting extra strain on their eyes and neck. Neurolens can help to realign your eyes and reduce this strain. 


Eye strain and headaches are all too common in today’s world, but you don’t have to suffer in silence. By realigning your eyes, Neurolens glasses can help you feel more comfortable and less fatigued as you use screens throughout the day. Contact our office today to learn more about whether Neurolens is the right choice for you.