Everyone knows an optometrist accepts your vision insurance. For a list of vision and health insurances we accept, click here. But most patients are surprised when we tell them we accept your health insurance, too.

A wide variety of conditions can affect the health of your eye, and having one of those conditions may mean your eye exam is covered by your health insurance provider.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are two great examples of systemic conditions which can affect eye health. We also diagnose and treat people with glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eyes, pink eye (viral conjunctivitis), and allergic conjunctivitis to name a few. We can also remove a foreign body such as metal or wood from the eye, should that ever happen to you.

If you ever think you’re experiencing problems with any of the conditions mentioned above (or having other eye related issues), don’t hesitate to call our office to set up an appointment.

Dr. Taylor is highly trained and experienced with a wide variety of eye conditions! To make an appointment or just to ask questions, contact us here.