Human beings have been using various types of cosmetics to alter the appearance of the eyelids, eye brows, cheeks, and eyelashes for thousands of years. Though in recent years the pronounced use of mascara, false eyelashes, eye shadow and other cosmetic effects have made it easy to enhance the appearance of the eyes to dizzying new heights.

Though some people wonder if some of these cosmetic options can potentially be harmful to the eyes. To really keep your precious gift of sight safe, we will need to take a closer look at some of the more popular eye cosmetics in use today, and how they might impact the health of your eyes as well as the surrounding tissues.

Can False Eyelashes Harm Your Eyes?

These days false eyelashes are very popular with people who want to bolster what nature originally gave them, or to give the eyelashes an overly dramatic appearance. Unfortunately, there are some eye health risks that come with the use of false eyelashes, especially larger false eyelashes which often require the use of a special adhesive.

The application or adhesive used to hold false eyelashes in place can easily start to clog the pores around the eyelashes. This can significantly increase your risk of developing an uncomfortable stye. At the same time, frequent use of adhesive or other bonding agents can start to irritate the sensitive skin around the eyelashes and eyelid. This can even increase your risk of developing an infection in the eyelid.

Can Eyeliner Harm Your Eyes?

Right off the bat, applying eyeliner with a somewhat firm eyeliner pencil can easily irritate the sensitive tissues of the upper or lower eyelid. This in-turn can put you at increased risk of developing a stye or eye infection.

You also have to consider that when you are applying eyeliner, you are essentially placing a sharp pointed object near your eyeball. The slightest mistake could harm the cornea or the eye or cause a more severe eye injury.

If possible, try to choose an eyeliner that uses a cream base, with a soft tip for easy applications. Then make sure to take your time applying it, and gently removing it at the end of the day. Make sure not to sleep with eyeliner on as it could increase the risk of clogging the pores, putting you at increased risk of developing a stye in one or both eyes.

Can Mascara Harm Your Eyes?

Mascara is one of the most commonly used cosmetics. It is often used to accent the appearance of the eyelashes. Though frequent use of mascara can start to clog pores on the brim of the eyelid as well as lead to inflammation in the upper or lower eyelid. This can further affect the health of your eyes, especially if your mascara has a bad habit of clumping your eyelashes together.

If possible, try to choose a type of mascara that is rated to be non-clumping, or has a reputation for not clumping. Ideally, you want to prioritize a high-quality mascara that also dries quickly, doesn’t smudge, and is formulated to come off easily.

Can Eye Shadow Harm Your Eyes?

Eye shadow is an incredibly popular and versatile cosmetic used by millions if not billions of people every single day to accentuate the look of their eyelids as well as the skin surrounding the eyes. When applied carefully, and correctly a high-quality eye shadow can produce a stunning to subtle effect without any harm to the eyes.

It’s when applied improperly, or a low-quality eye shadow comes in contact with the eyes, the eyeball, or the sensitive tissues of the eyelids, it can cause irritation as well as increased risk of infection.

Is It Safe To Sleep With Eye Makeup On?

There are times when it just isn’t feasible or convenient to take your eye makeup off before going to bed. While you might be able to come up with a dozen short term reasons to leave your eye makeup on for a single night, it is a habit that can prove harmful in both the short and long-term.

Even a single night of sleeping with the eye make up on can lead to short-term irritation of the eyes and the surrounding tissues. This can result in bloodshot eyes, swollen eyes, blurred vision, or an acute eye infection.

In the long term the irritation and infection caused by frequently sleeping with your eye makeup on can lead to other complications. Not the least of which is a recurring problem with eye infections like conjunctivitis, and problematic styes on the eyelids.

Is It OK To Share Eye Makeup With Someone Else?

While it might seem like a great way to save a little money, sharing eye makeup with someone else, even someone in your same household can put you at increased risk for eye infections. This is especially true of troublesome conjunctivitis which is caused by transfer of bacteria and viruses that affect the eyes. This causes inflammation, irritation, bloodshot eyes, and even disturbing amounts of discharge.

When you share eye makeup with someone else, the bacteria and viruses in their eyes can transfer to the brush, applicator or cosmetic pad. When it contacts the tissues of your eyes it can then introduce those potentially dangerous microbes to your eyes and eyelids.

Is It Bad To Wear Eye Makeup Every Day?

A lot of people will wear their favorite look or cosmetic scheme Monday thru Friday as part of how they dress for work. Though this habit can gradually start to affect the eyes. Especially if you are applying false eyelashes, eyeliner or mascara on a daily basis, as it can lead to peeling, irritation, and other eye health complications.

If possible, try to reduce the amount of eye makeup you wear on certain days to help your eyelids and the tissues surrounding the eyes to maintain a healthy balance. Cutting back on things like eyeliner and large false eyelashes that require a lot of adhesive will also go a long way toward maintaining good eyelid health.